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Bingo is a game of chance popular worldwide. The origins are unknown but versions of the game have been around for centuries in Europe. What is known is that it is enjoyed by millions of people who play on a regular basis. With the advent of the internet, bingo found a new medium which is ideal for playing the game and there are now many online bingo sites which offer all the fun of the game with the freedoms and flexibility which online gaming provides.

Bingo, bingo balls Different countries play bingo in different ways. The UK version, along with most of the world incorporates bingo tickets with 27 spaces organised in three rows of nine.

Each ticket contains 15 numbers with numbers ranging from 1 to 9 in the first column, 10to 19 in the second and so on, with the last column containing numbers within the range of 80 to 90.

Players can play with between one and six tickets for each game and playing with 6 tickets ensures you will have every number called during the game.

To win, a player must have all the numbers called for a specified pattern within a single ticket.

Often this will be a single line, where all 5 numbers are called in the same number row, followed by a full house in which all 15 numbers in the single ticket are called. Other pattern variations exist such as playing for four corners or double lines. America has a different system using bingo cards with 5 rows and 5 columns with numbers up to 75.

In the UK, bingo is traditionally played in large bingo halls which are found throughout the country. It is especially popular in holiday resorts too where there may be dedicated bingo areas within amusement arcades. Bingo callers will use a variety of ways in which to draw numbers. Originally they would pluck numbered balls from a machine designed for the purpose and latterly computer generated random numbers are used.

A popular night out for many, bingo also offers opportunities for social interaction so the meteoric rise of online bingo may seem surprising but online versions of the game manage to bring all the most popular aspects of bingo together. Technology has improved the game in many ways, from the reliable computer generated number calling to electronic checking of potential winning cards.

The internet has proved to be a natural progression and the success of online gaming is as applicable to bingo as all other online betting opportunities.

So what makes Internet bingo so popular? Those who play bingo online in the UK have made it one of the most popular leisure activities in the country and the most popular with women between the ages of 20 and 25, which dispels the myth that bingo is a leisure activity enjoyed most by older generations.
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Again, it is technology which is the key to success, with the online experience being one which is easy to access and understand and which offers the user a wealth of opportunities for interaction with fellow players in addition to the thrill of the game itself.

Online betting and gaming works so well because it provides all the excitement and potential financial incentives of gambling but under the users own control. Simply log on in your own time and enjoy the experience by committing as much or as little time and money as you wish. Some online bingo games limit the number of cards so no high roller can buy up excessive numbers of cards to increase their chances of winning, while others allow you play for free or for very small minimum stakes. Online bingo sites may even contribute funds into your account as an incentive for playing.

Bingo, numbers So, with the thrill of the gaming aspect of bingo very much alive in the online versions and enhanced with the user-controlled experience of it, the appeal of online bingo seems obvious but what about all the social interaction bingo halls provide? Technology comes to the rescue here too. Social networking on the internet has revolutionised the way we interact with each other in the modern world. People with common interests are brought together without regard to geographical location and this is certainly true of those who play bingo.

Whereas with traditional bingo halls the social interaction happens during the breaks, for those who play bingo online chat is positively encouraged during games too and forms an essential component of the online bingo experience. Chat rooms are very common and offer players the opportunities to welcome each other, offer their congratulations in the event of a win and to interact generally during the experience.

The chat functions of online bingo sites do not interrupt the game play or allow players to miss numbers because the software employed for online bingo offers features for keeping up with the play. These may include best card highlighting or sorting where your card closest to being filled gets automatically highlighted for you. Number alerts ensure you do not miss out on any numbers called and there is even auto-daub features, where the computer automatically marks off the numbers called so you dont have to.

Online bingo is more than simply a new variation of an old game. Rather, it uses all the principles of the game and sets them within a framework which offers those who play bingo a fun, shared and exciting online experience.