Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines originated at the end of the nineteenth century and are still popular attractions at carnivals, casinos and bingo halls today. The original Fruit Machines or Slot Machines as they are commonly known were mechanical devices with 5 symbols that spun round when a player inserted a penny and pulled the machines arm. The first Fruit Machines were fixed that they would only pay out 70% of what the player put it earning them the term ‘the one armed bandit.’

Image With the growth of technology and a leap in electronics the 1980's and 1990's saw a revolution in the Fruit Machine industry with a new generation of 'bandits' being born.

This new era changed Fruit Machines forever with banknotes replacing coins and buttons replacing levers. However the draw of the slot machine stayed the same, the lure of money and the excitement of winning the jackpot!

At the turn of the twenty first century the Fruit Machine transformed itself again and the famous fruits and reels were replaced with electronic screens and extra bonus features. The newer Slot Machines are often based on popular board games, TV shows and casino favourites which has attracted a new generation of Fruit Machine player.

Modern Fruit Machines are not just found in the casino or bingo hall but most pubs, takeaways and leisure centres now feature them which has turned the 'one armed bandit' into a multi-billion pound industry.

As with online bingo, the internet has breathed new life into Fruit Machines with the introduction of online Slot Machines sites. These sites give the player the same gambling thrill but in the virtual world. However as the popularity of online gambling has increased so how the popularity of traditional Fruit Machine and old carnival style games proving that the first Slot Machine, the Liberty Bell has still retained her charm.