How to Play Bingo

Playing online bingo couldn't be easier and with just a few simple steps you could be joining the millions that already enjoy the experience. There are many different online bingo sites to choose from and once you have decided which game suits you your bingo fun can begin.

Image First you must complete a registration form for your bingo site and once you have deposited a small deposit you can pick a game from the sites selection and BINGO you're ready to play!

There are bingo games to suit everyone from inexpensive 10p plays to the high roller games with winnings up to £1,000,000.

After you have chosen your bingo game the site will give you a bingo card with players able to play up to 50 cards at a time.

Once the game starts the computer will callout randomized numbers between 1 and 90 with players matching the numbers on their game card and striking them off.

The games end when a player matches all the numbers on their game card in a particular pattern and shouts BINGO! The players account will then be credited with the prize winnings and if there is than one winner the prize money will be spilt equally.