Online Bingo

Bingo has always been a popular pastime but with the growth of the internet online bingo has exploded. Online bingo follows the same rules as regular bingo but rather than using balls to select the numbers they use a random number generator. Everything on an online bingo site is virtual, from the bingo caller to the game cards but with the added bonus of interaction between players on the sites online community.

Image There are two kinds of online bingo played throughout the world. North America play a game called the 75 ball with a five by five game card. The United Kingdom and Europe play a 90 ball game with a nine by three game card, both games are popular online with the 90 ball game just having the edge.

A game of 90 ball bingo is played in three stages- one line, two lined and a full house. In a one line game players must strike five numbers in a horizontal line and in a two line game they must complete two lines of five crossed numbers.

The game is finished when a player achieves a full house and all of the numbers on their game card are crossed and the winner shouts BINGO!

The prizes when you play bingo vary from 50p all the way up to £1,000,000 depending on which game you play and when you play it. Most online bingo sites have games starting from 1p all the way up to £10 with many offering themed games based on popular TV shows and classic board games.

The growth of online bingo is phenomenal with many sites sponsoring TV shows and offering enticing free plays - it’s not hard to see why so many people are joining the big bingo revolution.